Approaching Winter

8th November, 2009

As the fiery colours of autumn leaves nestle around our feet and the days become shorter it is time to start organising the garden for the colder months ahead. Indeed, winter is fast approaching bringing with it a host of frosty mornings and chilly winds and although your sphere requires no maintenance, you may be wondering how best to ensure that your sphere is in tip top shape for both the approaching winter and the following spring…

Timber Care

You may experience the top laminate showing some cracks, donʼt worry this is quite normal. As the seasons change the wood will dry and contract, but this is only on the top layer of the timber.

The timber is all pre treated which is good for 15 Years, but if you want to help enhance its life span, applying a wood preserve in the autumn and spring, this will help prevent cracking. We suggest this is done to the floor, as well as the Timber beams.

Roller Track

The roller system requires no maintenance as the bearings are sealed. We do, however, recommend that the area around the floor is swept to avoid any debris blowing into the track.

New Winter Cover

We have received many requests for us to make a winter cover to help keep your sphere clean and protected. We had to agree this was a great suggestion and are pleased to now offer a full cover with zip in the front and a pull cord at the bottom that will hold the cover snug to the ʻPodʼ. The cover also has a hole in the top to allow continued ventilation whilst your pod is in hibernation.

Approaching Winter

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