The Morphosis

1st December, 2007

The flavour of the Sphere is as the name suggests aimed to create curiosity, a centre piece for the garden environment with extra added quality and luxury.

The design definition is very fluid, with an efficient luxury layout allowing for unrestricted access from each side, providing each passenger with their own space. Each element of design within the 'Sphere interior' (the manner in which the dining table is extracted and retracted from the central column, the morphosis of the seat to a generous flat bed etc) again addresses the element of the surprise!

Great thought and research has gone into the ergonomics of what the ‘Sphere’offers. Maximizing space from a sitting and sleeping perspective are clearly of prime importance and clever packaging of its table and generous space contribute to the general well being of the ‘traveler’. But the subtleties of how things are accessed, reached touched or seen have been greatly tested. The seating and dining area comes into its own when reclined in bed ‘lounge’ position. The sphere lounge position is designed to give maximum privacy without feeling claustrophobic while the efficient use of space provides greater comfort for the passenger.

The materials selected for this scheme have been considered with perhaps more leaning on the 'Funky' element of the brief whilst being mindful of 'natural' in the colour selections.

The sleek and sophisticated appearance of the cream seating, brushed metals and polished finishes with a twist of 'pine' in the woods, have been harmonised with the ethos of the natural elements of the Sphere. The use of natural colours within this very sophisticated environment also provides a subconscious calming effect on the passenger as one cannot fail to feel at ease the familiar earthy surroundings.

As well as achieving a successful outcome for the design brief and being mindful of design trends of the future, the designers feel that they have also managed to keep a handle on the importance of retaining a subtle element of image.

The form language is fluid, conceived and defined on the latest three-dimensional modelling software used for generating complex forms and surfaces in the design industry.

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