Sunday Independent June 2012

8th May, 2012

The Pleasure List

Now the future is a rotating garden ‘pod’

Whatever happened to the future? By now we were supposed to have flying cars and be swanning about in silver boiler suits, instead we’re as earthbound as ever.

Forget your swanky gazebo...

If you’re still yearning for the futuristic future we were promised, take a look at the amazing structures from Ornate Garden. Forget your fancy garden shed and swanky gazebo these ‘pods’ (the word alone is so futuristic) provide style and comfort. The Deluxe Summerhouse seats up to ten and provides panoramic views of your garden. And in the unlikely event of sun shining, you won’t swelter as the windows are tinted and the stainless steel roof is designed to deflect the heat. There are smaller versions too, the Rotating Sphere Seater Small Pod seats up to seven and rotates 360 degrees so you can get to see the rain from all angles.

Sunday Independent June 2012

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